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Around Town With DW

Episode # 1


Bobby Shoemaker - Chick Fil A

In this episode Bobby Shoemaker discuss chicken sandwiches, his favorite sauce, how he got started in the business at age 19 and much more.

02:04 Year he started working at Chick Fila

Episode # 2


Rick Parks - Rick's Gym of Gems

In this episode Rick Parks shows us how he trains clients. He also talks about life and the various ways he gives back to people in his community.

2:00 Flexing it!

Episode # 3


Adrian Penland - North Ga Elite

In this episode Adrian Penland gives us a tour around his highly successful basketball training camp. Being a college standout and overseas stand out Adrian knows what kids need to do to develop into the best player they can be.


Episode # 4


Jenna Welborn - Merle Norman

In this episode Jenna who is a motivated young business owner tells us about how she got started in the cosmetics business.

Episode # 5

Date 1-8-2022

300 SW Spring Street - Casey Ryals Building

In this episode I give you a tour of the awesome property being remodeled at 300 SW Spring street. Hello downtown party deck.

Episode # 6

Date 2-23-2022

Midtown Greenway - Gainesville Ga Park

Come explore the Midtown Greenway with me. Located in Gainesville, Ga this beautiful park has been fun spaces. The city is currently making this first park in the city to get lighting.


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