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1. Show Up Everyday

It seems simple right? Nothing really ground breaking with “show up everyday” but let’s dig deeper. After 2020 / 2021 many agents had to change the way they did business. Showings required special cleanings, some offices went completely remote, and many clients only wanted to meet remotely. While there were some good things that came from this experience, the loss of human connection was not one of the “good things”. You see people do business with someone they know, like, and trust. The best way to build this kind of relationship is with face to face interaction. I have personally found that everyone responds differently with face to face interactions vs via technology. This is because there is actual human connection when we meet in person. Additionally, providing tangible evidence of income such as pay stubs can reinforce trust in such interactions.

If you show up consistently everyday to your office ( be it a corporate office or home office ) you will automatically be ahead of other real estate agents. Why? Just the simple act of showing up is a big win. This act snowballs into more confidence in yourself. That in turn leads to better interactions with current and future clients. See what we thought wasn’t a big deal actually is. Your commitment to starting a place and time for your work day will be the first step toward your most successful year in real estate.

You already know how committed you are to your career, clients, and your company. If you want to get the best return for your time, show up every single day to your “workplace”.

2. Dominate Social Media

“Anything worth doing is worth doing a thousand times”

~ Grant Cardone

Imagine the year is 2023 on New Year’s eve day. You are looking back over your social media platforms and realizing you didn’t give 110% to posting about your real estate business. Heck, you barely even posted at all. Are you going to feel good about the fact that you didn’t crank out content all year long?

Now that we have that vision in our head, I am guessing you don’t want the feeling of regret by not getting it done in 2022. Social media is completely FREE as of right now. The only COST of entry is EFFORT. If you spend just twenty minutes per day five days per week on your social media platforms sharing quality content, in one year you are going to have made it clear that you mean business. Your community, clients, friends, and family will see that you are committed. This commitment is going to set you apart from other agents. If you work with Waldrip Real Estate you have access to our video library of how to get going on social media. Let’s commit ourselves to becoming the best real estate content publishers in our area. Below are some of the platforms you will want to be a part of:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Snapchat
  • TikTok

Instagram is one of the best for real estate agents. If you work with Waldrip Real Estate you already know about our curated post. Just make a request from our admin team and you shall receive custom content created for YOU to post. If you need a refresher on Instagram you can check out the video below. To help build and manage your online brand reputation, you may want to partner with an online reputation management agency.


3. Learn – Learn – Learn

“You are always a student never a master. You have to keep moving forward.”

~ Conrad Hall

The above quote by Conrad Hall resonates with me so much. No matter how good you become at real estate there will always be something more to learn. The question is what should you be learning about? There is no shortage of answers to that question. For you, as an agent in the year 2022, I will give you a few starting ideas:

  • Marketing
  • Contracts
  • Negotiating
  • Networking
  • Technology
  • Human Psychology
  • Real Estate Laws
  • Tax Laws

As you see there are so many areas that you can be a student in. I myself enjoy learning and then applying what I learn. Once I do this I find ways to make the new found skill scalable. Also, I teach it to others who might benefit from it. Let’s look at the different methods you can use to advance your real estate knowledge.

  • MLS Courses
  • Books
  • Video ( YouTube / Vimeo )
  • Paid Courses
  • Seminars
  • Local Board Classes
  • Company Training Systems ( Waldrip Training Systems )

I won’t go into detail on the differences in each of the different methods because that would take a long time. I will, however, encourage you to choose which method is best for you. Remember nobody is going to do the work for you. If you really want to become the best real estate agent you can be, then you will need to commit to consistent learning. You are a forever student. This is truly exciting because it means it is completely within your control to advance the power of your mind. If you continue learning then apply what you have learned your career is going to go to the stratosphere. Tonight write down a subject you aren’t completely a master in then commit to studying it for the next 30 days. Your future self will thank you.

4. Grow Your Network

“Your net worth is a reflection of your network.”

~ Robert Kiyosaki

As a real estate agent you already know the value of your network. Your network is where your power comes from. This is true because it is your network that helps you to get most listings. It is your network that looks at and buys your listings. It is your network that you email on a regular basis. So it becomes clear that your network is important. We can also clearly see how if the size of your network increases then the odds of your career expanding greatly increasing. You could be successful with a network size of one hundred quality contacts, but imagine a person with one thousand quality contacts. Their “reach” is 10x greater than yours. Therefore, using simple math they are 10 times more likely to be successful. Now that comparison is using the all other things being equal factor but we know things aren’t ever equal. For the sake of you we are going to assume you are doing everything right. Now when we consider network growth it is just a matter of time until your career catches up to your network. For tailored advertising solutions, check out https://www.outdoor-advertising.org.uk/transport/advan. If you have criminal records that could prevent you from expanding your network, you should find resources that can help you remove mugshots online for free.

A bigger network makes sense right? How do I actually grow my network? That is great question. It will be a bit different for every single real estate agent, but the fundamentals are the same for each of us.

Here is the simple formula:

New Connection + Contact Info + Cultivation ( adding value ) / time = Network Growth

It’s simple, you need to meet more people each day and introduce yourself. This can be done in person, over the phone, at social or sporting events, in a video ( think YouTube ), or even by a mail out. The possibilities are endless for how you can expand your network. Let us not forget the power of social media. Many people will find you if you are creating consistent content about the real estate market. They will want to get to know YOU because you are an agent of action and this attracts people.

What method of connecting with new people do you most like? Let us not forget the classic business card. This is still one of my favorites. Whatever method you use to grow your network remember the goal is to simply to put “points on the board”. If you add just one new contact per week that is fifty two per year. Not bad at all. Now the next step is to be genuine in your relationship intentions. This leads us to our next 2022 success tip. Deepen your relationships.

5. Deepen Your Relationships

Hey may I have your business? No? Okay well see you later.

Now most of us know agents who are simply there for the short term gain. It is the community minded agent who works hard while thinking long term who truly has the great career. The reason for this is simple: if you are thinking long term then a potential client/contact might do business with you multiple times over the course of your career. They will also most likely send you referral business through out your career. This is why there is no reason to worry if your network isn’t producing fruit just yet. Believe me, it takes time to build trust. Becoming the go to agent in your area does not happen in a few weeks or even a few months. Your network is going to need to see you be consistent for a while before it “clicks” in their brains. Once it does you will have more business than you could ever imagine. The main thing here is to remember that deepening relationships in the upfront takes plenty of time and effort but you can do this.

What are some of the best ways to deepen relationships? This is going to vary greatly based on your market, current experience and age. There are two good ways I like to deepen my relationships:

  1. Spending time together
  2. Adding Value

Time spent could be many different things. It could consist on meeting up for lunch, a quick phone call, text, or a golf outing together. Your deeper connections are usually the ones that will last the longest. Think of ways you can deepen your most important relationships and begin implementing those tactics. One of my favorites is the birthday message. I make sure that every single contact I have gets a birthday text, call, or hand written card on their birthday. Little things like this mean a lot to your contacts. Especially in the “electronic” age.

Adding value is something we do without the expectation of getting something in return. If you can find a way to be useful to your potential clients will see you as valuable. Who do you think will come to their mind when they are ready to sell? The agent who sent them info on their home value out of the blue? The agent who somehow helped their child at school or on the sports team? They are going to think of YOU. Make a conscious effort to become a person of value for your entire network, and you are all but guaranteed a successful real estate career.

Bonus: Earn 100% +

I’ve got one bonus idea for you. Say goodbye to real estate companies who aren’t paying you 100 percent commissions plus recruiting bonuses. I personally feel like agents deserve to earn 100 percent on every single deal. No franchise fees. No commission splits. I also feel that most agents have at least one friend and need a powerful way to make more money while supporting their friends business. Enter the $200 per transaction bonus that you get EVERY single time an agent you recruit has a closing. Did I mention that you get his for life as long as you are with Waldrip Real Estate? That is right. If you recruit a friend to join the company you get $200 for every closing they every have. Yes, that is pretty sweet. Whether you join WRE or another 100 percent company, make that move immediately. You and your family will be able to put the extra income to good use!

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