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Why Virtual Offices Are A Must in 2021

You are sitting at your home office and a client requests an in-person meeting. The dog is laying at your feet and you can hear children playing in the next room. You have a bit of a panic moment as you think through your options for meeting with the client. You’ve seen the “Now Hiring” banner hanging from the front of your local Starbucks and you are doubtful that this client will take you seriously if you ask them to meet you there. Considering the importance of the meeting, you start to wonder if investing in secretarial services might be a good idea to help manage such situations more professionally.

There Is a Better Way

Fortunately for you, this doesn’t have to be your only option. You can have the professional look of an office and conference rooms with a virtual office. And you might have folding partitions in your office. Both you and your clients will be able to focus on business during your meeting time in a quiet professional setting. For most true business people, having an office gives them not only a boost in productivity but a major boost of confidence in themselves. Your clients will notice your confidence and feel more secure doing business with you. For digital entrepreneurs, the stakes are high, and the legal implications of online activities can be complex. It’s why having access to a https://www.newjerseycriminallawattorney.com/white-collar-crime/internet-crime/ becomes a critical part of your operational strategy. This ensures that you have legal assistance readily available to handle any unforeseen issues that arise.

What Is A “Virtual Office”?

A virtual office is a cost effective way to have access to a professional business center without taking on the full cost of an office. Consider enhancing your business’s physical presence by exploring options like aluminium shopfront doors for a modern and secure entryway.

What Services Are Included?

While each different location that offers virtual offices will have slightly different services, there are some certain ones that you can count on at almost every location. Let us break down all the options below, and if you would like to check a local business center’s offerings you can click here to see the West Academy Business Center.

  • Large Meeting Room
  • Small Meeting Room
  • Professional Reception Area
  • Use of Address
  • Mailbox
  • Professional Photos For Use on Your Website
  • High Speed Wifi
  • Guest Restrooms

These are the included services at most virtual office locations. Often times you will find additional services that cost extra. A few examples are:

  • Notary Service
  • Package Receiving and Signing
  • Receptionist
  • Share Office Time
  • Business Services ( copying, faxing, printing )

Who Needs A Virtual Office?

If you meet any of the following criteria you most likely should spend some of your business budget to get a virtual office.

  1. Prefer a short term commitment ( month to month lease )
  2. Want to try an office without a large financial risk.
  3. You need better business exposure ( physical and on the web )
  4. Want to meet clients in person but not at a coffee shop
  5. Your business requires you to have a verified business address ( auto brokers, adoption attorneys, CPA )
  6. You enjoying leaving the home office occasionally


What do virtual offices cost? That is a great question. As you probably have guessed, the price differs greatly by location, age of building, and the amount of services offered. If you are in the Hall County, Ga market, the going rate is around $150/month for a virtual office. We consider this to be a really good bang for the buck.

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For more information about virtual offices in Gainesville, Ga you can click here.

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