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Is In Town Living The New “It” Thing To Do?

With record numbers of people leaving big cities, it seems like in-town living wouldn’t be a popular move. However in Gainesville, Ga the story is looking a bit different. There are in-town projects happening all around downtown and in Midland. Many of these projects are apartments, but a few are luxury condos. More projects are set to break ground over the next twelve months. So what is the draw? Let’s dive deeper to see why these projects are so popular and if you should.

The popularity of these new mixed use projects hasn’t fully come into focus yet. We will not know the exact success of the projects, but if the positive buzz around town is any indication then there is no doubt they are going to do well. While these new projects are bigger in size and closer into town, Gainesville has had a few convenient properties over the years that started this trend. One such hidden gem is Ridgewood Place Apartments. This thirty eight unit complex built in the early nineties is now a walk able and bike able property. Feel like going to Mellow Mushroom for a pizza? Great! You are just a short five minute walk. Heading downtown? Maybe a casual twelve or so minute walk. You can begin to see how these smaller properties laid some ground work for the new properties to setup show. The three big projects nearing completion right now are:

Gainesville Renaissance

Solis Gainesville

The National

Gainesville Renaissance

$22.4 million mixed-use development is expected to be completed in June.

The project is privately funded by Doug Ivester who was previously the CEO of Coca Cola.

The Project will be mixed use. Restaurant / Retail on the bottom floor.

Second floor is leased to Brenau University.

Top two floors will be luxury residential condos.

Solis Gainesville

220 Apartment Units

Lofts & 1,2,3,4 Bedroom Units

Salt Water Pool

Fitness Center & Yoga Room

Onsite Work Center

Free Starbucks Coffee : )

Two Retail / Restaurant Sites w/ Outdoor Seating Area

The National

$50 Million Dollar Redevelopment

Located at the old Regions Bank location

Hotel with 130 rooms

Multi Family 107 Units

Perks of In Town Living


I think it goes without saying that there are many benefits to living in town. Shorter commute to stores and restaurants is one of the biggest perks. Younger people love being able to take a stroll or ride an e-bike to their favorite places. I, myself, ride my bike to the gym many mornings. Gainesville’s downtown area along with the growing midland area both offer in town restaurant choices close by.


Looking to go out to hear some music? Perhaps Friday’s on the square are something you’ll enjoy. Concert’s and seasonal festivals are a huge attraction mostly hosted in the downtown area. We have the Art’s Council Center which was once the railroad depot. Now they host many concerts, events, and weddings. Visit a ring store near you for quality wedding rings. Recently Bourbon Brothers Smokehouse and Tavern acquired a location that will host a restaurant and concert venue. The Boot Barn Hall is the portion of the property that will be hosting great music events.

Perhaps you are into fall festivals or farmers markets? These types of events are hosted right downtown. Mule Camp is one of the biggest festivals that happens each fall in Gainesville. Recently, the Gainesville Jaycees who host the event decided to move it to the Midland area. This move seemed to be really popular amongst the event guest. If you haven’t attend Mule Camp before consider checking it out in the fall. The event includes arts, crafts, live animals, pony rides, food court, raffles, and a full carnival.


As I previously said, in-town living creates a much shorter commuter for workers when their office is also located in-town. While the work for home model has become more popular, many people still go into offices daily for work. Gainesville has many office complexes that provide clean and convenient work space for every type of business. With the courthouse being located in downtown, many attorneys are able to do most of their work nearby then walk over to the courthouse for their legal business. When jury is in session they are able to easily walk to lunch during their lunch breaks. While downtown and midland are not perfect, they do offer a convenient work environment.

Should You Consider Living In Town?

I love this question. If you are reading this then I bet you are at least a little excited about all the happenings in the downtown / midland area of Gainesville. Reading about it makes me excited. Perhaps you should take the time to sit down and weigh out the pros vs cons. One thing to consider with rising gas prices- not commuting into town everyday could be a significant savings. The flip side is that there is very low inventory to purchase at this time. However, if you are interested in renting, you have many choices. You could go to one of the big new developments or you could check out a high value property like Ridgewood Place that’s clean, secure, and affordable. Whether you decide to actually live near downtown or not you can always cruise into town to shop, eat, listen to music, or just go for an evening stroll. I look forward to seeing you out and about soon. If you do see me be sure to wave : )

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