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Downtown Gainesville

Is In Town Living The New “It” Thing To Do?

With record numbers of people leaving big cities, it seems like in-town living wouldn't be a popular move. However in Gainesville, Ga the story is looking a bit different. There are in-town projects happening all around downtown and in Midland. Many of these projects are apartments, but a few are luxury condos. More projects are set to break ground over the next twelve months. So what is the draw?...

Downtown Golf Cart Shuttle Has Arrived

Growth is usually a good thing. It shows the local community that our businesses are thriving. More and more people find out about the "well kept" secret and decide to move in. The size of the town increases quickly which leads to traffic issues. Does this story sound familiar? Gainesville's Downtown Growth A lot has changed around the Gainesville square since the 1936 tornado leveled almost...

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